October 20, 2022 2 min read

Halloween kicks off the holiday season, where keeping your gut in check takes a little forethought. Be intentional about what you consume and how you handle sugary treats. Take the horror out of trick-or-treating with gut-friendly tips for Halloween.

Keep Halloween celebrations fun and healthy for you and your family!

Give Alternatives to Candy

You don’t have to pass out candy. While it may seem boring, it’s a bold move. Kids receive so much candy that a fun alternative offers a pleasant surprise. Options include stickers, small toys, party favors, small art supplies, pretzels, or healthier snacks like snack-size 'Nana Chips.

You won’t have to worry about the temptation to dip into the candy supply. Plus, the trick-or-treaters (and their parents) will appreciate the variety.

Join the Teal Pumpkin Project®

Take your trick-or-treat alternatives to the next level. The Teal Pumpkin Project® promotes allergy-free trick-or-treating. First, add your address to the project map online. This step lets local families know which houses have allergy-safe giveaways.

Next, invest in a teal pumpkin to set on the porch as an allergy-friendly sign for trick-or-treaters and their families. According to the project website, the teal pumpkin should include only non-food items.

Avoid Sugar at Home and Events

Avoiding sugar can prove difficult when celebrating Halloween. Yet, splurging now can mean suffering later. Set yourself up for success by keeping enjoyable alternatives handy. Fruit, dark chocolate, snack bars, trail mix, and seltzer water are great substitutes.

B. Fine offers a variety of delicious and nutritious snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check out Maple Cinnamon Praline Keto Nut Mix or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Keto Nut Mix. Shop B. Fine’s selection of nut mixes and snack mixes.

Enjoy Alcohol in Moderation

If you want to indulge in libations to celebrate Halloween, you don’t need to fear! Select cocktails and wine that align with your dietary restrictions. Remember to limit the number of beverages you consume, so you feel your best the next day.

Another great alternative we love is from a fellow Colorado company. Hoplark offers a selection of non-alcoholic beverage alternatives.

Stay Safe with Halloween Gut-Friendly Tips

Embrace the treats without the tricks by following gut-friendly tips this Halloween. B. Fine Foods believes in every person’s right to eat right on Halloween and throughout the year. 


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