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Do you find yourself struggling to eat clean while managing a hectic schedule? Oftentimes, it seems like junk food is your only option when you find yourself in a time crunch.

But this is just is not true! 

Healthy and tasty Paleo snack options are easier to find than ever, whether in your grocery store or online. To help you out, we've created a list of out favorite sweet and savory on the go Paleo snacks! These are snacks that everyone can enjoy (yes even the kiddos), and they're great for everything from road trips, to your next hike, to an afternoon snack. 

Savory and Delicious Paleo Snacks

Grain-Free Snack Mix

Our Original Snack Mix is made from low-sugar savory banana chips, cashews, pecans, and other delightful stuff. This snack mix is just simple, clean, and savory with a buttery blend of olive oil and spice. A B’s classic that’s perfect for a late night snack or to curb those 3pm work cravings!

Organic Paleo Meat Bars

Here it is folks... Snack meat that actually tastes and is REAL.100% Grass fed dried meat bars infused with fresh vegetables from the garden. These meat bars are perfect for meat lovers and comes with a wide variety of flavors to choose from! Wild Zora is also now offering delicious freeze-dried meals to go if you are looking for easy nutrition that is more than just a snack.

Grain-Free Crackers

Are you missing the accessibility and enjoyment of snacking on crackers? Simple Mills has the solution for you! These crackers are made out of almond flour and come in mouthwatering flavors such as Farmhouse Cheddar, Rosemary and Sea Salt, and Fine Ground Sea Salt. They are delicious alone and with your favorite dips! Yum!

Paleo Puffs

Similar to the classic popcorn we’ve seen before but with a new twist! These Paleo Puffs come in small individual packs and are full of flavors that fulfill that quick and savory crunch we can’t get enough of! Flavors come in Himalayan Pink Salt, Honey Roasted, Himalayan Salt + Apple Cider, and “No Cheese” Cheesiness. If the Paleo Puff’s are your thing, also check out Lesser Evil’s Egg White Curls, which is another delicious protein-packed snack that tastes as good as popcorn while actually feeding your body the nutrients it craves.

Organic Paleo Seaweed

If you enjoy seaweed snacks, gimMe Seaweed is an awesome go to for fast nutrition and flavor! GimME Snacks provide many satisfying options such as Terriyaki, Olive Oil, Wasabi, Sea Salt, Sesame, and Avocado Oil. Flavoring is the key component that makes seaweed snacks so tasty and GimMe makes sure to use only the best real ingredients. Each package is only 25 calories and is perfect to get you through the day and also great if you are watching your weight!

Sweet and Satisfying Paleo Snacks

Grain-Free Granola

Our newest flavor of grain-free granola is inspired by the decadent dessert of bananas and vanilla ice cream. B’s Bananas Foster UnGranola is a new take on breakfast and also makes a delicious snack! Divinely indulgent and made with healthy, real ingredients, this grain free granola is perfect for those on restricted, low sugar diets but is tasty enough for everyone to enjoy.

Paleo Chocolate

Paleo does not mean no more chocolate! Hu Kitchen specializes in paleo, vegan, and dairy-free chocolate bars with unique flavors such as Cashew Butter, Almond Butter, Simply Dark and more! They now have even more sweet treats such as chocolate covered nuts “Hunks” and “Gems” which can be used to bake with. Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth without dealing with the toothache afterwards.

Paleo Snack Brownies

Can’t get enough Chocolate? Us either! Another on-the-go Paleo chocolate delight is Lillabee’s Grain Free Brownie Thins. They come in resealable packages and are perfect to please the little ones. If you enjoyed eating “Little Bites” growing up, these are very similar except they are made with healthy ingredients and are guilt-free snack desserts. The variety pack contains the Classic, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Mint flavors, every taste that you could ever want in a brownie.

Paleo-friendly Fruit and Nut Bars

Dessert lovers look no further! Lara Bars offer a wide variety of delectable flavors and provide energy sustaining nutrients that will leave you feeling ready to take on the day and smiling at how each bar tastes like a homemade treat. Lara Bars only contain nine simple ingredients or fewer. Doesn’t get much better than real healthy ingredients that make for a real happy treat.

Real Fruit and Vegetable Snacks

Here’s to real fruit and veggies right at your fingertips. Any time and any place. VeggieGo’s are the perfect 100% real fruit snacks that are great for bursts of nutrients and juicy flavor in every bite. Unlike traditional fruit snacks, VeggieGos include real fruit and vegetables in each pack and are incredibly tasty. They come in strips, fruit rolls, bites, and ends & bits which gives everyone the right snacking choice. 

Any Favorites That We Missed? 

What are your favorite Paleo on-the-go snacks? Let us know if any of your favorite Paleo snacks didn't make our list! 

We would love to hear your picks. Please reach out to me at kelly@bubbasfoods.com or leave a comment under this post if you would like to share your thoughts. 

No More Excuses

Now you get to decide which healthy snacks you are going to indulge in to fuel your next adventures! It's clear that eating a clean, paleo diet is possible during a busy schedule, and we hope we've helped make it easier to live your busy, healthy lifestyle.  

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