May 14, 2020 2 min read

“Everyone will have income. We can support our families and defeat hunger.” 

- a B’s Banana Farmer in the Philippines

In B’s products, we use Green Saba Bananas grown by family farms in the Philippines. Although there is a market for these bananas elsewhere, it is our mission to produce real food that creates positive benefits for everyone from the farms where our ingredients are grown to the people we feed with our paleo snacks. 

Every purchase of B’s helps support the small farmers in the Philippines who grow our number one ingredient, the Green Saba banana. Every purchase helps make the statement above a reality. 

Rising Popularity of the Nutritious Green Saba Banana

It all starts with the Green Saba banana grown on family-owned farms in the Philippines. B’s CEO, Jeff Schmidgall, remarked, “In just the last five years, the market for these bananas has sky-rocketed, which has meant more growth and stability for these farm communities.” 

And the Saba banana has become popular for a reason. These bananas have significant nutritional benefits, including aiding in digestion, circulation, and metabolism, among other health benefits. That makes it the perfect pair for B’s as a health conscious food company. 

With very little taste on their own, B’s can take the Green Saba banana and make it taste however we want. That’s why we can foods ranging in taste from our savory potato chip-like Paleo ‘Nana Chips to our sweet Grain Free UnGranolas

Farmers in the Philippines - Top Quality and Mission Driven

Although these special bananas are available elsewhere, we choose to buy from the Philippines not only for your tastebuds and health, but for the livelihoods of these farm families. “Most of these banana farms have been in their families for generations,” said Schmidgall who was in the Philippines for a visit in early 2020. 

It comes down to quality. At B’s we only use the best ingredients for our snacks. With their long history and experience in growing Green Sabas, we have put our trust in Filipino quality. 

But it’s also about quality of life too. We did our research and discovered that by purchasing our bananas from the Philippines we contribute to something much larger than the quality of our bananas. We are enriching lives in small farm communities by supporting fair trade practices and fair wages.

“We know we are putting money directly into the pockets of family farmers instead of large corporations,” said Jeff. “We want our customers to be satisfied in knowing that our product sources are as honorable as the ingredients in our food.”  

As a mission driven company, we couldn’t be happier to have found partners in the Philippines that create a better world for their farmers. Now you can enjoy your B’s knowing that your healthy snacking is benefitting not only your well-being but others too :)

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