November 05, 2020 2 min read

Falling off track from your workout routine can feel like starting all over again... even if it's only a two week hiatus! Whether it’s been a few days or a few months, just because you stop exercising doesn’t mean you can’t get back to where you were. All it takes is a little determination! 

5 Tips To Get Back Into Your Workout Routine: 

1. Change Your Mentality- Half of the battle of exercise is mental. Once you decide that you CAN do this, you will. If you reframe your doubts into solid plans of how to fight against your obstacles, then at least you are trying. Doing something is better than nothing and you will be surprised what you can do once you put your mind to it.

2. Always Start Slow- You may be so eager to run your 4 miles like you used to, but your body will not be able to keep up. Cut your old exercise routine in half and build back up slowly. Always listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard or it can set you back even further from when you started.

3. Balance Your Stress- If you are working full time and have responsibilities at home, sometimes we just have to admit that our exercise isn’t getting done today and that’s OK. Do what you can and know every little bit helps. Do not beat yourself up from missing out or not completing your full work out. There’s always tomorrow :)

4. Make Small Goals and Build- Always start small! Creating small exercise goals is a great way to not make working out seem so overwhelming or like a huge commitment. Once you know what you can handle, you can add to it!

5. Strength In Numbers- Find a partner that you can exercise with to keep you motivated or on schedule for your routine. It can be hard to exercise in groups during Covid, but working out via Zoom call or even going on socially distanced walks with a friend is a fantastic way to stay active and have some fun!

Our Final Thoughts...

Never second guess what you are capable of and never lose sight of your wellness goals. If they seem out of reach, remember doing a little bit is better than doing nothing at all. Go be the best version of you without letting yourself get in the way!

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