September 30, 2020 1 min read

Time for lunch! @Cacaoforcoconuts gives us a delicious afternoon pick me up with her salad that uses all fresh produce from Agriculture.LA! You can easily recreate this same tasty greens salad by using produce from your local store or farmers market. But don't forget the B's Savory Snack Mix to make it something special! 


Romaine and green leaf lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Broccoli sprouts



Za’atar seasoning (Recommended Z&Z brand)

Squeezable Tahini⁣ (Recommended Mighty Sesame Co brand)

B's Savory snack mix⁣


Mix all ingredients into bowl with desired amount of each ingredient. Have fun making your own version of this salad!

Featured in recipe...

Agriculture LA produce

B's Savory Snack Mix

Z&Z Za'atar 

Mighty Sesame Co Tahini



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